The Story of the Week

Feeling a little worn down today. It’s weird I don’t usually use my emotions as a reason to retreat to the sanctuary of warm blankets and avoid any means of activity. Yesterday, being a “cardio only” day I wound up doing a video workout which was difficult and later on realized I might’ve micro-torn the ligament in the bottom of my foot. So I was limping the rest of the day. This morning I got out of bed as usual, got dressed, prepped myself for the gym and reached the half-way point between the apartment and the bus stop and saw the bus roll by. That’s when I stopped and thought about my situation. How was my foot doing? Should I chance lifting sometimes 75+ pounds with a “gibbled ” foot? I decided I’d take it easy today and hobbled back home, half-undressed myself and, because I’m a good girlfriend I didn’t want to wake him up, I pulled the blanket that was folded across the back of the couch and went back to sleep.

I actually wound up spooking him a little because I guess he didn’t hear come back in.

In other news…

I’ve applied for at least 20+ different positions, most of the postings are closing next week so I’m hoping I’ll be juggling appointments next week or the week after. I have, unfortunately, applied for EI (Employment Insurance) over the weekend, I’m currently waiting for the confirmation that I’ve been approved to get paid to stay home until things work out.

As part of my discussion yesterday with my guy, we talked about how long it might take for me to find a job and what kind of sacrifices one should take in order to be comfortable. Basically it dropped down to this:

1. Do not sacrifice wage. Going back to retail is basically not an option, unless I wind up becoming a manager.

2. Driving to a position that’s in Nisku/Leduc (about +40 minutes drive from home is okay as long as the money is worth it) Well, it wasn’t quite like that but you get the picture.

We aren’t selfish by any means when it comes to me finding job, we looking out for my betterment, and why go back to dead-end positions that will have no influential outcome.

There was one position with the university I had seen and I was very interested in it and at the last minute I realized it was an internal posting only. Bullox  I was disappointed since it was considered a property manager position and I thought I’d be really good at it. Oh well.

For the time being between applying for jobs I’ll go back to reading my books for my reviewing blog. PS if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should definitely consider it, here’s the [link]

Well that’s all for now everybody!



6 thoughts on “The Story of the Week

      • Sheep, Nym, sheep !! I don’t know what type of work you are looking for but don’t be a sheep. Be a wolf.
        I’ll tell you a story. I left a contract in Saudi Arabia many years ago and the company would not give me a necessary piece of paper required as a release from the company so I was unable to move on to a new position. Phone calls and letters came to nought, but I knew that a foreign company in SA had to have a Saudi partner. I found out who it was and wrote a letter explaining everything, what I had done etc. to the Prince himself. Within two weeks I received, the piece of paper, a lump sum, an invite to his palace, and if I had any problems in the future to contact him. He told me that he did this because I had the guts to confront him directly with my problem and that if I wished he would find me employment within his company. By then I had taken up another position and the company was waiting for the piece of paper.
        So, write to the Dean of the University, write to the top of any company you think you will fit in. Top people like fire in an applicant, something out of the ordinary.
        Are you up to that Nym?? 😀

      • I admire your determination, for the obvious reasons, Ralph. But unfortunately there are so many things that prevent a person from doing something like that around here. Unfortunately, sometimes being a sheep is just as good as being a wolf. Library technicians or assistants won’t settle for anything, I know I won’t, so if that means to remain unemployed until I hear/read about a position opening up than so be it. I have my resumé floating around like a loose spider web in the wind. It’s only the 3rd week of February and I’ve applied with almost 20 different positions, I’m bound to get at least an interview, if anything. Only time will tell where my qualifications will take me.

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