Project Postcard

February’s Postcards

Well, for one I’m disappointed that when I transferred my postcards blog to this blog, I expected the pictures to be properly transferred over. Needless to say I have pictures with broken links now. (Not impressed), but I just don’t have time to start going through my photos and finding out which ones aren’t here and which are.

But I’ll post all the new ones and go from there:

Received Jan. 6thRussia

Received Jan. 6th

Received Dec. 24thMichigan

Received Dec. 24th

Received: Feb. 25thSweden

Received: Feb. 25th

Received Feb. 20thUkraine

Received Feb. 20th

Slovenia pt. 2The stamps :)

Slovenia pt. 2
The stamps 🙂

Received Feb. 20thSlovenia (pt. 1)

Received Feb. 20th
Slovenia (pt. 1)

Received Feb. 20thNetherlands

Received Feb. 20th

Received Feb. 16thGermany

Received Feb. 16th


Interesting in seeing your cards posted here, send me a postcard;

It’s a Gift

10220 115 St NW, #304
Edmonton, AB T5K 1T8


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