Once again I’m back in the imaginary process of designing and opening my own store. I suppose once again I can blame the business influences that have always surrounded me from my parents, grand-parents, friends of my father and other people who are running their Avon or Scentsy orders out of their home. But I don’t want to be another “Avon Lady”. I want to be known for more than that. Although, maybe in my 40’s I’ll consider doing Avon or Watkins but right I need something more long-term. It was interesting, when I want to do something there’s only one thing that stops me from doing it: money.

Seems to be everybody’s kryptonite, but this time around I was feeling a little more confident. I posted the immediate thought on Facebook and the response was kind of amazing. Friends “liked” this idea and another said if I did I should open it in Fort McMurray. I asked why and she said because that’s where she was. Touché, little friend. The only thing with running a business is you want to do it in a location that you want to be in. I don’t know if I really want to open a store in Fort Mac, it just seems tedious and more binding to the area. I don’t know what the market demand is for the kind of business I would like to open. There is only one other business that caters to similar needs and I’ve never even stepped foot into the place. I’m sure I should probably do a little more research in regards to the competition if Fort Mac was my target audience location.

Another thing that was discussed with another person was the opportunity to display local artist pieces that are for sale. I, as the store, would earn a percentage or small commission fee plus as per a contract there would be a small starting fee just to hang the pictures up. I see this at an Indian restaurant and it seems to be a good idea. I’d have to look into their contract policy to see how it really works. But I have seen some great pieces sold. On weekends people would have the opportunity to rent a table and sell their goods – this ideal for crafters, quilt makers, shoe cobblers (just saying). People who practically work out of their basement and are looking for new buyers.

If the building location permits, I might always consider having a small conference room available for rent, whether that’s for students who need a study room or whomever. That or it can become an off-to-the-side study lounge, which I think a lot of people wouldn’t mind having: A cool hang out spot.

Obviously in Edmonton there is so much competition for this kind of thing and I really don’t know if I would flourish, so I really need to think about how and where I could make this plan work. Last night I spent some time working on the Business Plan. I didn’t think of a name for the business yet, so everything is title The ‘Business’. I have no clue how much things will cost, and maybe that’ll be my downfall. I barely have enough money to maintain a proper living, the idea of starting a business seems overwhelming. Perhaps I need a business partner. A few investors, and an awesome location.

Everything with time. I haven’t worked out all the kinks yet. But I’ll be sure to keep you posted.



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