Fitness Finesse / Randomized


Hey everybody,

I see I’m still getting visitors, I’m glad a lot of you are sticking around. I’m sorry I haven’t been around more. Between my new job, my book reviewing “career” and life’s in-between, needless to say: I’ve been pretty busy.

But let me tell you about my day(s).

I started a new job for a fantastic company two weeks ago. Although it’s only a 5 month-ish contract with potential for extension, I’m putting my whole heart into it. I’m really enjoying the company; the people are fantastic! I’ve learned quite a bit all ready and everybody seems to be really impressed with how much I’ve accomplished in so little time. I also found out my boss is MLIS – might talk to her one day about this. 😉

My book reviewing life. I should one day take a picture of all the books I’ve managed to leave lying on the floor. The little reminders of what is still left to read. It’s getting a bit hectic, and these are only novels that I’ve acquired through requisition. It’s amazing how much some publishers are willing to give out for a review. It’s nice that book reviewers have that kind of reliance with book publishers and authors. I’m slowly working on interview questions. Which should be fun. I hope one day to ask a famous author these questions. Bucketlist? But I would love for some feedback, if you’re much of a reader, come subscribe to my blog. I’m always looking for book recommendations 🙂


My friend and I have been going to the gym for the last 3 weeks. It’s been amazing. My friend has shown great progress in figuring out her own personal strengths. She loves the fact that she can feel like she’s having a BL (Biggest Loser) moment and I’m her Jillian Michaels.

Well something like that… But she’s definitely improving. I on the other hand just feel like I’m going through the motions of working out. Doing more to benefit my friend than myself. But we’ll see.

Week 3 of 12, it’ll be interesting to see any body changes throughout this program. Oh, just in case you were wondering this is what we’ve been up to. Our cardio days have been good, Zumba, stationary bicycles, cross-training, it’s been awesome!

Life has been interesting as well. Needless to say there are always trials and tribulations involved with this side of life.

PS coming up soon will be any postcards I’ve received this month. Unfortunately, I haven’t sent any out since I was unemployed for nearly a month so it a conservation of funds for the time being. I’ll be starting up again shortly. 🙂


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