So I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to make this post on ‘Her Muses’ or ‘Black ‘n Write Reviews‘, I decided in the end that I would share this epiphany here with you lovely people. If you’ve been following me for the last year, awesome you might be able to skim the next paragraph or so until you get to the more meatier conversation. The rest of you who have just started following, well here’s something you might want to know about me.

It’s been nearly a year and a half since I graduated from library school and ever since than I’ve been employed, unemployed, and more or less bounced around to find my place in workplace society. During which times I’ve been playing around with the idea of starting a business.

All of this doesn’t sound all that bad, in fact I’ve been reassured on several occasions that I might actually have what it takes. Which sounds very encouraging to start with. The last month I decided instead of the large options I’d been playing with I’d try to focus more on what I primarily went to school for; books. So, that being said I had decided to do some research on opening a used bookstore. Which in turn I learned is a very difficult subject as there aren’t too many resources for this.

For nearly a month, yes, this has been my prime focus. I was going to the library and “studying” and planning how I can go about this, however there was always something holding me back from really taking myself seriously. I had two reasons I didn’t want to really implement my aspiration of a potential business owner.

1. I was/am worried that I may not have the right amount of support in order for my business to flourish to it’s fullest potential.

2. Worried that I’ll remain a poor person working 1-2 part-time jobs to help pay ends meat.

However, I realized there was another thing that was missing in my little self-discovery. I realized that the places I had considered for opening a place up was all wrong. I wanted a place that appealed to all senses. And that’s when I opened a newsletter and it had many pictures of recently opened or reopened shops in the US, that’s where I saw the commonality of them all; brick-facing. That’s right! I knew there was something wrong and it was that the buildings I had considered didn’t have the old feeling. They just looked old. Brick buildings is my new focus on where I could consider installing my new project, and I think it’ll look amazing even if it never succeeds or even gets off the ground.


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