Walk It Off

I don’t care what you were or were not trained to do. When it comes to certain footwear – actually, let me rephrase that – When it comes to any footwear you should have no excuse (actually there might be only one excuse) that would/should allow you to drag your feet.

Pick up your damn feet! Simple as that. I’ve probably mentioned this in several different posts, but I’m going to reiterate as slowly Alberta starts seeing nicer weather and with nice weather comes sandals and flipflops and the disapearing of disgusting, ill-worn, worn-out soles of Uggs and their ugly look-a-likes. Yes, as you can tell I am very much against these forms of footwear. Especially when it comes to the improper step-form.

I have no issue of you wearing these boots or shoes if I don’t have to see you walk on the “leg” of the boot or dragging the shit out of your heels or heck the full sole because you can’t be arsed to pick up your foot except to climb a flight of stairs but you’re grabbing the rails to make sure you don’t trip over yourself.

Now there’s a different between the constant drag ones foot and the “ooops-I-didn’t-pick-my-foot-up-all-the-way” drag. The second I will let go. It’s no big deal. We all have those moments when our brain forgot to judge how high our step needed to be. No biggie. It’s the first. If I could find a sound clip of how terrible feet being dragged sounded, I would. It sucks. You want to yell at people in the mall even though you can hear them from the second floor.

Teenager girls. They are the worst for this! Like nails on a chalkboard, for kids who don’t know what that is… Google it. I just glare and once it hits my spine I shudder in disgust of how much I want to tape their feet to either a broom brush or sponges to help keep our public buildings and sidewalks clean.

What do you think? What’s your biggest pet-peeve?


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