The Thought Process

So I’ve been thinking about my busy schedule lately and there’s two things I’ve come to some unbeknownst conclusion.

1. I want to turn Her Muses into something else. But I can’t decide what. This also leads to two options a) A mix of personal/random thoughts and running blog or b) Shut it down completely (aka keeping it active but forgetting about it completely). This is only because with my life twisting and turning I’m starting to realize that I’m trying to maintain 2 blogs, I’m signing with 2 different pen-names depending on or who’s blog I’m commenting to, it’s getting frustrating. The first option is doable it would also help me in keeping a more consistent check on myself. I don’t mean turning it into one of those “look at what I’m eating tonight” blogs, it’d be more like “I’m lifting, running and eating healthy. Why don’t you join me”-style blog. The second option makes me a little sad for two reasons: 1) I’ve been hosting this blog for a few years. It’s seen a lot of things about me, not like other blogs, but this one is seeing a more adult-version of me 2) … uh.. maybe there isn’t a 2.

2. Hm… maybe there wasn’t a two for this one either.

But anyway, I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Although I know some people are going to argue and say “I maintain a very amazing blog and run a family…” etc etc etc and so forth. I get it. I might be making a mole hill out of nothing, but I’m trying to read 100 novels this month for reviews for my other blog, and this one has taken a complete back-burner to the whole world. Perhaps what I’m doing with this post is reaching out to my followers and new comers of what you think is the “right idea”. I’m seeking advice, perhaps. How blogs to you currently maintain? How do you find time to remain consistent and have a life?

I’d love to hear what you have to say. So shout out your best answer, I’ll be sure to keep them all in mind as I continue to think about the life expectancy of Her Muses.



4 thoughts on “The Thought Process

    • Thanks Ralph, it’s one of those on going thoughts as of late. But it’s just figuring out how to transition in or out of possessions. It’s almost a materialistic nature trying to purge ownership of things.

      • I’m sure once I figure out which life I really want to focus on than it’ll make all things become more apparent. I think I’ve realized keeping a “personal” blog has outgrown me (I’ve been writing/keeping them since my preteens) and I need a new outlet to preoccupy myself with. So we’ll see.

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