Fitness Finesse

Deep in Thought

Well, I’m not usually. But I’ve definitely noticed that with the kind of work I’ve been doing lately I’m constantly side-tracking myself. I never really let it truly interfere with my work, but it does keep me slightly more occupied with my time.

Lately I’ve been trying to figure things out in regards to my weight lifting regime. I’m been doing this process for nearly 6 weeks and I’ve been feeling really good and feeling stronger. I’m planning on the end to create a chart of my progress {I’m super impressed with myself}. Kay & I have been at this activity for the entire time and now I’m trying to find ways to encourage myself to improve in other aspects of this workout.

P.S. I hate cardio days

Kay has started forcing me to go to Zumba, but we’ve missed so many classes. I’m not worried though. With “dry” Spring around the corner I’ll be taking my cardio out on the pavement – running.

Because I have such an active mind I was going to create a “before & after” of my workout gear, right now this is what it’s looking like:

While I Lift
This is how hot I wish I looked. But I look scrubbier, and a little disorganized, but that’s okay. I still think my clothes look good for somebody who can barely afford a good/ legit outfit. But I’m looking to upgrade. I want to get more legitimatized, and I’m looking forward to a quick/cheap shopping trip to the thrift store to buy a few shirts to modify and a few cheap tank tops from Stitches to wear underneath. As well as buying a new pair of shoes, with flatter soles.. something most recommend as a “proper” footwear. Yes, I’m starting to hit a point where I’m feeling more confident in my appearance and I want to “show it off”. I don’t mean crop tops or walking around in my sports bra, but I do want to wear cuter tops.
God love Pinterest for all the really neat alteration ideas for workout shirts.
But I’m also checking out new websites, and more personalized blogs on how to keep up and just educating myself. If I want a video I have to make a note for myself to checkout when I get home since I can’t check these things out while at work.
Oh well.
Well, I’m going to head back into the work world and keep checking things out as I go.
Yes, I am still trying to figure out with Her Muses – I don’t know if I’ll ever figure that stuff out.

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