The Book Notes Project

I’ve decided that along with my book reviewing life, gym life and the regular life (which is actually the most boring part), I have decided to participate in what is called “The Book Note Project“. It’s now become a collective amongst various bloggers in different parts of the world trying to spread a little good cheer. How might we be accomplishing this? Well, we would include a small note in a book we’ve borrowed from the library in a way to bring a little light-heartedness to the reader’s day.

I decided to join the group as a way to try to make people feel good about themselves. I’m also going to be boring a huge load of books next month in honor of Mother’s Day (yup, themed month) so I thought I’d include little notes inside.

Each note would have a web address where people would log what and where they’ve found their note. An email they could send a picture of their note and from where the sender is from. It’s going to be interesting and perhaps this whole “scene” can become viral. Maybe I’ll have to borrow some books that have to come in from another city just to include a note for Red Deer or Calgary.

Check out the website! It should be a lot of fun 🙂


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