New Workout Gear

The last few weeks I’ve been slowly getting bored with my regular long sleeve shirts that I’ve been using for my workouts. My partner-in-crime has been wearing lots of fun shirts and I decided I wanted to get in on this. Although she didn’t always have to create her shirts I decided that Pinterest was guaranteed to give me lots of fun workout top ideas.

Yesterday after going to the gym my friend and I hit up a nearby Value Village and we collected about six different tee shirts from the mens department. I knew mens wear was always better at finding witty quotes printed on clothing. After we collected we hung these shirts across the bars to figure out that I would only pay for 2-3 shirts.

the winners

I didn’t take a before picture of the shirt on the right but it’s a black t-shirt, do you really need a before? 🙂

Following this very similar pattern:

I modified the shirt on the right to look like this:

And there you have it. In the collage the grey spotted material is what I used to fuse the straps into a single racer-back “look”. What do you think? If you have any similar projects that I could use for the other tee shirt, let me know!



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