Ugh #fail

Yup, I’ve said it, I fail. I was planning on partaking in the #blog2013 “thing” with Wordcount and decided to just say “Screw it!”, this blog is dying (if you haven’t noticed). I know you guys are all great and super duper resilient on the fact that I know you have 100 other blogs to go to when you haven’t seen anything of mine being posted with. I took up the Blog2013 challenge with my other blog: Black ‘n Write Reviews, which I seem to have fewer issues committing to. I’ve been using this guy as a personal blog… jotting my own secrets and making them private, I might as well store these things on my computer but I’ve decided my secrets are kept a lot safer on here. Don’t ask why.. well, you can, just send it in an email. Well, the Wordcount thing is nearly 20 days in and surprisingly enough I’ve managed to have something to post all this time. I’m slightly afraid since I’ve slowly started running out of things to write about.

Hey! Slanderous hopeful free advertising insertedΒ here

If you are a reader and have a great book you’d love to have recognized! Let me know! I’d love to have a guest blogger review a book or two! Even if you aren’t primarily focused on book blogging, I don’t care, I just want something/one different to add a nice flair to my usual meanderings.


Hope all is well with you guys in the blogosphere.

My other blog is on Bloglovin’ and Twitter and.. yea oh wait and Tumblr! I’m lame that way lol

But for sure send me an email @ blacknwritereviews@gmail.com, if you’re interested in reviewing a book of your liking. I do have some general rules but those things can be discussed on Google+ (I’m just saying πŸ˜‰ )

Cheers all!


2 thoughts on “Ugh #fail

    • That’s kind of you, Ralph. Perhaps I should start a single page on my other blog for my more “random” thoughts, that way you can still keep up with me πŸ™‚

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