Epiphany & On the Way to Self-Fulfilment

So I’ve been toying with that idea again. With everything that’s been happening in my life, I’ve been thinking about going back to school and possibly getting a degree in Commerce or Business. I figured that once I get that stuff figured out I’d be authenticated on becoming a manager, and I seem more perceptbile at becoming a manager and ordering direction rather than taking them. Or at least this is what I’ve assumed to be my calling. At least, even if I don’t start my own business immediately I can gain the right amount of experience working wherever I may please and then later going off to get my Masters.

In the end I’d have a Business Degree and a MLIS, so I’d be equipped with becoming the manager of a library or becoming a manager for my own bookstore. Even if I was to start my own used-book mobile, I could still manage myself properly with a few years of experience under my belt, and later upgrade to owning a small booth in a mall or a little store-front to call my own.

It may not be a library, but it will be a bookstore on wheels.

I believe, I can call myself a social being, lover of reading and books and pretty determined in my future. I’m hoping that once I do move back in with my parents I’ll be able to properly focus on what exactly I want. Which for a long time I wasn’t sure. The life of living with two parents who are entrepreneurs in their own way; father is practically a self-taught heavy-duty mechanic of 20+ years, and my mother always had a small business whether it was selling Watkins, her own crafts, and recently it’s doing peoples nails either out of our home or at the home of the client.

Some people may read and think, why go to school? Owning a business is a lot of self-teaching and learning as you go. My reply to this is there is a lot about business I know, and love, but there’s certain aspects that I may not comprehend and could lose a lot in the end; Human Resources (or the proper handling of staff, hiring, firing, and the in-betweens) and Accounting (I know maths, but I not be able to properly know how to prepare a spreadsheet, or balance the books). The other thing is, with a degree it means I just tucked 4 more years of education to bring me closer to getting my Masters. Yes, this is my “tunnel visioned” goal. I want an MLIS. I don’t want a doctorate or anything like that, I want to have that piece of paper that says “You are now a Master in Library Science”, a Master, that sounds so smooth :p

I  guess this is both a reincarnation of a few posts I created months ago: here & here, and a realization that if I’m serious about this endeavour, I needed to really start being serious.

  • Education?
  • Learn
  • Work for it
  • Start small

These are just a few things that I need to take into account of what I’m lacking, and I think (think?) I’m ready to take a new challenge on. I’ll work for a little bit, start saving money and continue to seek a job elsewhere to alleviate the burden on my parents life as they should not have to worry about the well-being of their eldest daughter to the point of her moving back in just before her 24th birthday, after leaving for 3 years.

Here’s a quick question for my entrepreneur readers (if I have any left?):

What was your number one focus upon the start of your endeavour  Was it education? Finance? Let me in on your secret that kept you going, I’d love to hear your side of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.



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