Just a thought for Iz:

Fuck you

I’m sorry if any of you are extremely sensitive to foul language and I realize I don’t use it so blatantly here. He calls me 5 minutes before he had to leave for work this morning. He sang me ‘happy birthday’ and all I could think is, ‘that was yesterday’.

Did he forget? HA the dummy was always a day off or a day early, but could he ever get it right? I’d never expect it anymore.

Of course, I’m nosy, I start digging into the fact that he moved on. He claimed that it was what I told him to do. I asked him if she knew about us hooking up before I left. He says I have too many questions. He wouldn’t answer it.

I didn’t blame him and I didn’t give into the fact that he actually called me, mind you a day late, he still called me. He asked me how I was doing and whether I’d found employment yet.

It’s the kind of hate that only resides in someone who has gone through so much, for so long, and doesn’t know any other word that can be expressed without getting physically violent or wind up becoming ill from over-thinking the situation.

– Nym


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