Sex, Drugs and.. wait, what?

It’s been a little under 2 weeks since I left.

I have unabashedly hooked up with a guy the other day whom I conversed with frequently at the coffee shop I’ve been hanging out at for the last week. And avoiding hooking up with my ex, whom I’ve been aiding with the development of a book he’d like to write. Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to just get the tension out of the way, but with his best friend out of the country (I’ll call said best friend ‘Eh’), I’m not comfortable with the after-math.

Iz has tried to contact me a few times, but I’ve been putting my foot down on the frequency. He says friends, I say you will try to get me come back. At this point in time I’m okay where I am.

I Skyped with a friend in Edmonton, and she asked me if I was liking the whole “single” thing. I suppose being single isn’t flawed. I remember in my late teens I was such a player. I loved to toy with a guys mental-state. Β I was a catch-n-release kind of girl. For me, it worked. It usually worked really well, I’d walk away slightly satisfied that there was another guy wrapped around my finger. It was fun! I didn’t do it to the point where the guy was professing his undying love to me, we were a fun combo. I’d hang out, we’d flirt, and we’d either cease from talking or we’d just continue what ever we were up to.

For the last year I’ve been birth control free. So the idea of randomly hooking up with guys just doesn’t sit well with me. Especially when I want toΒ really hook up with my ex’s best friend. He and I have had our prior encounters and we’ve talked about a potential relationship, and I really like him, but we never really solidified the idea. So until things actually get put into place, I will flirt, make-out, and be a single girl for a little while.

Is this so wrong? I’m not saying I’m walking around and flaunting my bum for the men to wild-out on, but it’s definitely not a bad option. I’m kidding. I’m not the kind of girl to sleep around, I will only sleep with a select few and right now there are none. I’m waiting. I’m waiting for Eh to come back. That’s who I want to spend an entire weekend locked up in a bedroom with. We’ve flirted for way too long to just let things stop there.

As long as the rumors are false. I’ll be happy. I still have about 3 more weeks to go. I’m praying my temptations remain at bay.

– Nym

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