About the Sex..

By the way, if you’re on Tumblr you should check out the tag “bad sex”, you will get some pretty funny stories.

Without a word of a lie, even though I met a good guy at the café last week. He is (kind of) getting his way in regards to what happens in the bedroom. It’s strange. I’m not at all attracted to him. He’s kind of a bore, maybe that’s just how I’ve perceived him this passed week since he’s been overworked and he might very well feel the same way about me but just hasn’t realized it yet.

Eh will be back very soon. 2-3 more weeks. He kind of logged off Facebook before I could ask. I am very excited about this and am borderline considering renting a hotel room or even asking my parents to disappear while he and I get to know one another again 😉 Obviously I’m a broke ass chick, so getting hotel rooms is just not feasible. But I will say that one of us is sacrificing time somewhere for a few nights, even if it has to be converting the back of my Dodge Nitro into a bed. (Just saying..)

Although Eh is away, we had never put it out that we were “serious”. We were serious about considering a relationship, and I’m all over that. No problem. And I have to say this just for the sake of humoring all you lovely folk. But the guy I hooked up with from the coffee shop.. sucks. No word of a lie. Not only am I barely attracted to him, but he kisses like if he’s trying to play with my tonsils and (I can’t hide this) has a slight short coming.

Nobody get defensive about this. There is nothing wrong with being small.. or short. It’s just an issue if you don’t know how to use it properly.

Maybe that’s slightly my fault, I wasn’t all that excited [if you catch my drift], but when I was going down on him, he just wasn’t “there” – mentally. He was like, another dimension, there. It was disgruntling and I doubt anything will go further. I drove him to a grocery store so he can pick up some food, and to a gas station so he buy some smokes. I drove him home and that’s where it all ended. He was so tired from a run-down of a week that he just wasn’t “there” to be a proper host.

I’m not going to lie, when it comes to some men, I have this ability to lure them in with shy smiles and flirting and making them feel like they’re being pushed away but I also reel them in slightly. It’s a terrible habit and I wish I could say I am just being nice, but honestly, being single has allowed me to relinquish some of those “super powers” I had from back in the day.

I will honestly say that when Eh gets back, I’m going to be a good girl. Thru ‘n thru! I really like him and I’d hate for a relationship to be ruined because I can’t keep my legs closed.

Eh versus Coffee Shop Guy = Eh wins 😉 (and that’s just in relation to short comings and excitement levels)

– Nym


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