Before and Currently

During the time I was contemplating whether leaving Iz was worth it I was being spiteful. I was eating crap. I was acting crap, but most of all I was eating like if I was trying to prep for an Oscar Mayer hot dog eating contest. Needless to say between the sitting for 8+ hours a day and terrible, high caloric, high sodium, high anything diet I had developed I was setting myself up for failure. Like I said it was all very spiteful. The problem is now I can’t seem to get myself out of the rut.

I can’t get out of spiteful mode. I can easily say I blame my mother for buying the food, or using the “not-so-greatest” ingredients in what looked like a good recipe. For instance, she was making this stir-fry, and it looked/smelled really good but then all of a sudden she came in with this crazy amount of BBQ sauce. I was too preoccupied to stirring the meal to notice until it was too late. If I had known that was the end of the yummy smells, I would’ve asked for a separate plate. I would’ve avoided the white Basmati rice, and that would’ve been okay!

But meal planning isn’t my only issue. I went for a really long hike and made a big descent into the abyss of God knows where in Fort Mac, it means I had to make my way back up the hill somehow to go back home. I sure as heck wasn’t going to take that hill back up, so I took a quick walk along the highway and found a trail that was frequented by ATVs. It was steep incline, but that’s okay. I told myself my foot and thighs would be exceptionally upset with me, and I wasn’t wrong. The next morning my body was screaming with every step I took. That’s okay though. I told myself I’d do some yoga to stretch things out. The only stretching I did was when I woke up this morning. Needless to say I’m having trouble with committing.

I was super intense once when it came to my health. I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble. It royally sucks, because I honestly only have 2 things I can properly wear for

bottoms and that’s a maxi skirt and a pair of yoga Bermuda shorts. It’s mid-September, needless to say this aren’t going to stay warm for much longer. Perhaps that being said should be incentive to tell me that I don’t have much more time to fit back into my skinny jeans, which I haven’t been able to properly wear in 2.5-ish months.

I don’t know how much weight I’ve gained these past few months, and I don’t want to find out to be honest. My other problem is I’m tired of counting calories. Calories make me
self-conscience and I have trouble wanting to eat anything. Perhaps, I should go back to that. It would keep me away from restaurants and coffee shops, unless it’s tea and salads. I write all this as I drink a Chai Latté from a Café that serves Starbucks coffees. Okay, well 160 calories per 12 oz. cup isn’t too bad. Maybe I won’t change that, but I need to get back to being super intense.

Eh will be back in a few weeks and I told myself that I was going to get better looking than the last time he saw me, so the end of August. This is a good initiative, right? So what’s taking me so long to get my self together? Why can’t I see that as a good goal? It can’t be my workout playlist, it’s constantly changing. It needs to be changed again now that I think of it.  Seeing my progress is the goal. Perhaps, I won’t track my weight, but my measurements: hips, waist, arms, chest, etc.

Nerd Fitness has a few suggestions on how to track changes, and that only doing it once a week will be sufficient instead of every day (every day promotes an unhealthy OCD attitude):

Here are the best ways to track yourself OTHER than a scale:

Take a picture – My favorite method.  Stand in front of a mirror in a bathing suit or your underwear with your cell phone camera and take a picture.  Then turn to the side and take another picture of your profile view.  You might not like what you see.  You might not want to look at it again, and you probably won’t want to show it to anybody.  THAT’S FINE.  Just take the picture, hide it in a folder on your computer, and add to it once a week.  You live with yourself (duh), so it’s tough to notice changes on a day-to-day basis.  However, if you have two months of week-to-week photos to look back on, you’ll be able to tell if your body is transitioning in the right way.

Take measurements – Go to a craft store and buy a cheap tape measure or buy one of these self-help tape measures.  Make sure your measurements are taken in the morning and not after your workout.  Also, make sure you measure the same location each week – kind of weird, I know, but I pick freckles on my arms and legs so I know exactly where to measure each week.  Take a circumference measurement at each of these spots and write it down:

-Neck (for most people, this is the thing that connects your body to your head)
-Shoulders (both arms down at your side, at the widest point from shoulder to shoulder)
-Chest (lift up your arms, wrap the tape measure around your chest, just above the nipple, and then lower your arms)
-Bicep (either left or right, but be consistent)
-Waist (at the belly button for consistency)
-Hips (measure the widest part of your hips)
-Thigh (left or right, but pick the same spot on your thigh each week)

Measure your body fat percentage – This one is a little tricky depending on your resources and financial situation.  If you are severely overweight, start by I’d put your focus on measuring inches and how you look with your pictures and then add this one in once you’ve had some success.  Now, if you ARE interested in tracking your body fat percentage, your best bet would be to purchase a simple body fat caliper if you’re strapped for cash.  If you want to be more accurate, pay $40-60 per visit and get your body fat tested at a Bod Pod Location – a wise investment once a month (or every other month) to make sure you’re on the right path.

I am NOT a fan of body fat calculators that are built into your scale as I find them to be wayyyy too hit and miss.

Important info about body fat percentage tracking – no test is truly 100% accurate, and the specific number isn’t nearly as important as how it’s changing from month to month.  If you do the body fat caliper method, make sure you measure in the same place each time, take multiple readings, and get an average.  Even if your method of tracking your body fat percentage is less than optimal, you can at least make sure you measure it the same way each time to measure if it’s trending in the right direction.

In my opinion, measuring inches and observing changes in pictures is a far better estimate.

Nerd Fitness

Okay, no lies, after reading that article I need to start going back to that website more often. It’s witty but full of great info.

But to all those health nuts, what apps or what is your head-on attack to staying healthy? Tell me about any tips and tricks to keep you from straying. Also, if you’re about to recommend that I join as many health groups, etc, it’s not going to happen. I’m unemployed until further notice (not because I want to be), and until I have a steady income I will not be joining any health clubs. So everything will be done at home or outside.

– Nym


4 thoughts on “Before and Currently

  1. Hi Nym. How can I possibly say whether you are fat or thin ?? Being a mere male I may have preference to either and I may like or dislike either. So which ever I am I would be biased and my vote would be nul and void. You could send me a photo by email (address in my gravatar) and I could give you my honest opinion. I cannot possibly believe that you are the cat 😉 Ralph xox 😀

    • Haha, Ralph you’re right. Having an opinion on where on the scale I really stand in the eyes of others is difficult when there are no pictures that are really of me. I might consider this little miss on a later note. I may not be the cat, but some days I might as well be 😉
      I’m hoping in the near future I will have the right amount of courage to perhaps transform this blog into a more opinionated/health-focus blog. That way people are getting the best of two out a bazillion worlds.
      Stay tuned!

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