Hey everybody, so just a heads up!

I’m going to be doing some back-end updating as well as some more visual changes with Her Muses. I realized that since I started writing back in 2010 (holy crap has it been 4 years already?) that I’ve developed in many different ways. I want Her Muses to be something that identifies with me as a human being and the things that I’m currently trying to integrate and share with the rest of the world; my readers.

So no more 9 dancing ladies, which are actually identified as Mnemosyne’s 9 Muses:

– Calliope: epic poetry
– Clio: history
– Erato: love poetry
– Euterpe: music
– Melpomene: tragedy
– Polyhymnia: sacred poetry
– Terpsichore: dance
– Thalia: comedy
– Urania: Astronomy

Lovely as all these ladies are, most of them are not identifiable to me or what I write about. Sure I am willing to share poetry, history and tragedy are more stories of my own, and comedy, well, my life is currently a comedy of errors. I’m a Virgo (there you go Urania, you’re included too).

Will I continue to go with my alias ‘Nym’?
Simply put, yes.

Only because, Mnemosyne was the personification of memory, and that’s why I write is to remember, and because when shortened to Nym, it is related to the title of pseudonym, which I enjoy using to conceal some little bit of my identity even when I talk about everything under the sun.

But as for the overhaul it’ll be necessary, another thing is pink isn’t really my color, so I need more!

Other Changes

– Categories & Tags
– A few new headers created by yours truly. They will be mediocre at best, but at least I can say I put some effort into my work.
– Perhaps some reorganization of my layout.

That’s it! Just thought I’d let you all in on the little secret 😉

Just a quick pause for this survey…

I’d love some feedback from everybody and anybody 🙂 I also look forward to knowing what you all have to say!


~ Nym


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