Keeps Your Friends Close

There are some people you meet in your life that will easily pass you by. They say hello, but never invite you to coffee and catch up. There are the people you meet once or twice on purpose and then things just fall apart. There are the people whom you are drawn towards, they stop communication and you keep asking why. There are a lot of people in this world and each one will affect you differently. They will either be a positive, negative, or neutral effect. We don’t always have a choice on the outcome, but sometimes we can either pray it ends quickly in order to move on, or hope it lasts forever.

Some days I forget just how blessed I really am, especially when it comes to the people whom I’ve managed to keep in contact with over the years of my life. I’m not the most likable person. I have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor, with a wall built around it. My emotions are usually pretty mellow but easily excitable. I’m not shy when it comes to emoting myself and I don’t take well to other peoples bullshit. It takes a great deal of time for a person to really connect with me properly. When my walls can be removed brick-by-brick, and that’s not something every person has time for.

Prior to leaving Iz and up until now I’ve received amazing support from a lot of friends.
I was once told and agreed that we, as humans, are a product of our surroundings. Or better yet, the people we associate with throughout our lives help develop the person we are. I know a lot of what happened in my teens were influenced by the fact that I surrounded myself with Conservative Muslims and guys I would consider older brothers or uncles. They helped keep me out of trouble, and ensured that I just turn out to be one of those kids that hung out at the bus terminal with no hope with their lives.

Growing up I made a lot of male friends, and I don’t mean they were just guys I toyed around, but these were true friends. Obviously, as I moved away and tried to start anew some of these guys become a mere memory. However, there were still the few that I managed to keep in touch with.

I’ll tell you about one particular friend, I’ll name him Mag, he’s about 4-5 years older than me. When I was 16, this was a big age difference, so we were nothing but friends. I used to spend endless hours talking with him about everything and anything. We argued, debated, agreed, discussed, generally in the confines of his Suzuki, drinking our Steeped Teas from Tim Hortons. We were what I guess some people would consider inseparable. Even when he moved to Edmonton for school and I was finishing high school, we hadn’t spoken in a while, and I moved to Edmonton we were able to reconnect. It was like nothing happened between us.

I can become easily jealous, even when I never intended on it. There was a girl who was 2 years younger than me and I felt like Mag had abandoned me for a younger chick. Not knowing why I was feeling this way, I constantly felt like I battling for his attention. I did actually ignore him for a while. We obviously bounced back. Every situation we had to struggle through we made it in the end.

Lately, Mag and I have been discussing my relationship with Iz. Because Iz and I have texted each other occasionally and although I never intend on going back to him, but there’s something about what I had that makes it difficult to just ignore him. Mag has been a great person to be logical and realistic and keep me in line, and to not go overboard or potentially remake a mistake.

Although I have few but many awesome friends that I would love to brag about, but Mag is definitely that one friend I will cherish for many more years to come.

– Nym


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