Fitness Finesse

Cooler Temperature Running

I think I’m getting sick, but then again I could easily be lacking sleep therefore my body is trying to convince me that I’m sick so that I turn around and go to bed earlier. I’m hoping the latter is the case, since I have an interview tomorrow and it’s VERY important that I look my best, answer the questions to my fullest, and (overall) be awesome and ace the interview.

Anyhow, it’s the end of September, oh where has my birth-month gone? It’s dreadful how quickly it disappeared, yet when Eh left I was terribly bored and couldn’t wait for the month to end. Now it’s here and I’m wishing the weather would be a lot kinder to my poor aching joints and lungs. Speaking of which,

I know I was supposed to submit an updated amount of measurements and whatnots, but I’ve decided to hold off. Lady Antebellum (which will be her name for this month) is expected soon and I do not need to know that I gained an extra 5 inches in my waist to realize it’s just bloating and water retention. That’s usually what I hope anyhow. I’ve been on a carb-feeding frenzy and I will account it all to the fact that I am expecting shit to go down – very soon.

In that regards, here’s a video that’s both talking about Krebs but also (just to do Canadian namedropping 😉 )

So while I sit here with a slight headache and, what feels like, a dry, raw throat, I will ask some of my followers and future readers for some help. Especially if they are the fit-active type that enjoy exerting energy during the cooler months. What advice do you have?

Fort McMurray is dreadful it regards to seasons, since we don’t have winter, spring, summer, fall. We have winter, spring, summer. Fall kind of rolls around but it turns into dreadful weather so quickly that it might as well be just winter. Here’s a question: What are your essential articles of clothing while running/jogging/walking out and about on those cooler days? That’s one question. I’m sitting here trying to think of ways to make this post more meaningful.


I was on My Fitness Pal (MFP) the other day, I’ve been going back and forth with this website, so I don’t know what to make of it. Anyway, I was also on Nerd Fitness (NF) that day and I read somewhere about Ryan Reynolds.. I think it was about him, anyhow, they had interviewed him on his physique and how he manages to get fit so quickly. Apart from the rigorous exercising, he mentioned something about creatine. So, why that being said I went over to MFP and asked somebody to “stupify” the proper use or why healthy people take the supplement. Somebody says “Google: Krebs Cycle”. I found 2 videos and all of a sudden my grade 11 chemistry class came at me like a headwind. I wasn’t impressed and I still have no effing clue what creatine “is”. My other question (please simplify as much as possible): What is creatine? What does it do to the body?

Lately, I’ve realized I need to start creating proper eating plans. Which sucks because I hate doing them, but I have to! Blessed thy name is mother, she cooks dinner but I’ve realized there’s just too much processed. I don’t mean premade lasagna and McDonalds, because it’s not that. But she always seems to buy the preseasoned frozen veggies or instant noodles or premade spaghetti sauce. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes these things are great to have but I like spending time in the kitchen. I love to bake but I don’t for my own good, but when it comes to cooking if I make chicken Alfredo, I’m making homemade sauce, and I will be Googling the Hell out trying to find the lowest calorie, best tasting recipe to make it healthy. Yes, low calories, high in flavor is possible. Not that I would make pasta too often, but I hope you get my point!

Yup, planning, creating, and getting healthy. These are my objectives. I’m a terrible procrastinator when it comes to my health so therefore I think and start a little bit and then realize I’m missing something, I get distracted


I said it.

– Nym


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