Fitness Finesse

The Pinch Hurts

Lately my efforts for trying to convince myself on a level of mentality on losing weight have been snuffed out within seconds of the thought popping into my head! So I decided I needed some tough love.

I’ve been constantly avoiding the purchase of new clothes because I kept telling myself “No until I lose 10 pounds”, but those 10 pounds, 20 inches, what ever aren’t disappearing. I decided today the tough love was I would put on those skinny jeans I’ve been avoiding for the last 5 months because every time I tried them on, it’s like trying to try on a wet bathing suit. It’s terrible and uncomfortable. By wearing these pants it reminds me that I need to be more aware of what I’m shoveling into my mouth. It’s working.

I’ve been drinking nothing but green tea, and eating less, on a healthier level. For dinner tonight will be a salad and a piece of chicken from last night’s dinner. I’m really hoping this little phase will convince me that I’m doing things wrong, and that I need to commit myself more than just by saying “Yea, I’ll do it”, it’s a full mental thing.

I’m sitting here and there’s a terrible pinch on my pelvic bone which shouldn’t be there. I think it’s a sign that I need to go home, put a pair of running shorts on and do a few laps.

– Nym


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