Familial Priorities and How they Affect Me

If you were to Google the words “quotes on rejection in love” and check out the images you’ll get a large array anonymous sayings that have so much truth to my situation it’s unfathomable,

I was in Edmonton from Thursday until Saturday, I was supposed to be visiting my sister. Whom didn’t text me of her travel delays until Saturday. I was really upset that the trip, I primarily took to see her, didn’t go according to plans.

I met up with a few people in the mean time, and Friday night I was able to have a conversation with Eh. He was supposed to be back on the 1st of October, and it was long past the due date. I was trying to get answers out of him and his response relays to some information that I was unaware of. His family has been trying to arrange a marriage for him.

Much to my demise, that leaves me asking way too many questions and not enough internet connection. He’s telling me he’s sorry he mislead me. He knew this was going to happen. By this point my head was floating with so much, what I called “hurt” at the time, and all I wanted to do was talk to him. Wishing he would come back sooner to have a proper face-to-face conversation and solve things.

I knew this wasn’t going to happen. According to his best friend his trip was extended until the end of October. Saturday night, Eh logs into Facebook and that’s where I try to talk to him. I try to understand what happened, when he was planning on telling me that he is chatting up three girls, and family ties, and priorities, etc. I was so hurt.

Only because I felt like I had been living on some false-hope thanks to him. Anxiously awaiting for his return so that we can start something we couldn’t before. Now by this point I’m embarrassed, hurting, and all I could sum up through strange tears is “I hate you”.

The entire thing isn’t even one-sided! It’s partly my fault, but more him because he let me believe that I had a chance. Even if he didn’t anticipate that he was going to have to make a choice between three women during this trip, he still knew that one day he’d have to.

I look forward to him coming back, but I have no clue where my emotions will lie when he does. I was really hoping he’d be my end of the road when it comes to finding somebody to spend my life with. Perhaps our conversations scared him off, or he thinks I had too much baggage. I thought the way we spoke to each other was the best feeling ever!

He gave me an ego boost to leave Iz. I’m still fighting with myself whether I made a bad choice or not. After leaving Iz, Eh continued to give me that ego boost that lead me believe I was worth his while. I still wonder if he would reconsider it, or if all things are official and a Canadian girl that he’s known for 6-ish years wouldn’t take the cake on a life partner.

– Nym


3 thoughts on “Familial Priorities and How they Affect Me

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    • Thanks Ralph. It was definitely a slap in the face when I’m being told I need to find somebody who deserves me. Like if he was trying to tell me he wasn’t good enough to be my life partner.

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