Your Vernacular is Atrocious

Due to my lack of ambition to properly get myself in shape, I always keep an eye out for that great motivating website or articles that are posted by a more active friend through my social media outlets. But here’s the thing, in social media (ie Facebook or Twitter) I won’t make a huge deal, regardless of how irritating it is, that your grammar is off. It could be an easy word that auto-correct decided to “help” you out with. I don’t care. You’re my friend and I’ll try to let the fact that you have no effing clue on how to use you’re/your or they’re/their/there, I’ll honestly try my very best to overlook it. But!! If you’re going to recommend a website you think is suiting to your point try to ensure they use a spellcheck.

Let me use an example (without naming names):

Friend X posts a link on Facebok about things you shouldn’t say to a female lifter [weights]. This is fine, great, should be funny or agreeable. I decided to flip through some of the other posts for this female-oriented weightlifting website and start to see a flaw. Here’s a slight tip: Don’t try to be “professional” website if you can’t freakin’ use a word document or spellcheck before you hit the “post” button.

I’m not perfect by any means. But I’m not in a position that is in the business of promoting something either. Her Muses is just one of my many corners of the interwebs that allows me express myself freely. Needless to say I couldn’t give two shits about whether somebody has an issue with me or what I have to say. However, I will say this, I’m not an English major or have some degree in literacy, so my punctuation is going to be off periodically but my words are rarely wrong (accidentally). I do use a spellcheck, and I do try my very darnedest to make my writing look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Or in this case, legible.

Back to my point, this website, was using the words wrong or just spelling them incorrectly. It took me a split second to realize this was not a website for me. I’d much rather go to websites with a huge “community” factor of message boards where a large host of people from around the world come together and discuss they’re likes or dislikes, or techniques of improvement, and still get the typos, and poor orthography but at least not one of them tries to outright say they have a website where we can read all their typing errors on a screen. People in message boards can act and be themselves, and not care whether they making a typing error. Their point is made and they can move on.

However, if you’re claiming some form of entitlement because you published this article, for this website, at least do yourself the courtesy of checking for errors that anybody with half a brain could identify as an issue. Read your work aloud! Sometimes what we write out can sound different from what we would say outright. I know I will read this post out loud several times before I hit the “publish” button, because I care. Not because I care whether people think I have poor grammar skills but because I care about how poor grammar skills personifies me. How it makes me appear to my readers or the Jo-Bloe who comes across my blog by-chance.

Respect your work and you will earn respect in return. However, this post/rant may have nothing to do with you, if you honestly couldn’t give a “ratsass” about your grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Or perhaps your intention is to madlib through the entire post. That’s your thing, and I applaud to you that you can sleep at night knowing some people are having an aneurysm over what you have just written.

To wrap up, since I think I flogged my point to end of existence. Tell me what you think: Do you stick around to read a websites articles if you’re continuously finding typos and other spelling errors, or do you start getting anxious and have a need to write a letter to the Webmaster and give them a piece of your mind?

– Nym


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