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In 2014 I want to…

As most of you have read, I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to make Her Muses into. Am I a self-proclaimed, awesome blogging machine? An over opinionated, under-valued activist for something that has yet to be discovered? A reviewer of all good things and health? Am I pro-something? Anti-something? I just don’t know. I was catching up on some reads and saw that some of my favorite bloggers were in the process of discussing their ultimate goal for 2014. Whether it’s to “run 14 marathons in 2014” or just to get more time on the footpaths. It made me start to think, what did I want to achieve in 2014?

What do I feel is the ultimate necessity of my life that needs to attained? I suppose in my case I need to lose weight. But that’s been a big goal for me for nearly a decade. I did manage to achieve it once, but unsuccessfully kept it off as I lost the weight with the aide of unhealthy methods. I just didn’t get the right amount of calories in and my out-take of exercise was excessive. Just bad news bears for somebody like me. 

However, when I try to think of ways to get back on track, I always find some excuse to stop. Actually, it’s not even an excuse, I just have no motivation. I feel good, but I never stick to it. I don’t enjoy the activities that I’m doing to achieve something. When I moved back in with my parents, I had very little money, so hitting the gym was out of the question. I have money now, but I’m so bloody frugal that I make cheap look good. Needless to say I’m afraid of spending money on myself. 

My first step is finding something I like to do. I figured I’d try to find out whether one of the health facilities has any openings for volleyball players on any team. Although they started in October, there might be a chance that I can get squeezed in. I hope to get a call sometime next week to receive the news. I love volleyball, I’ve yet to figure out why. Once I start that up, perhaps it will be my get-go on getting healthier because I’ll already be active.

I (kind of) plan my meals, they are poorly, but they’re healthy. I think I’ve been doing better with myself because I have my lunch with me and whatever smaller meals in between I have. I claim consistency. It’s great. But I’m not seeing any effective change because I’m not active. Minus the few walks I take whenever a friend is available, I actually pretty sedentary.

What would I hope to achieve by getting physical and eating right? Well, I’d look better for myself, for Iz, for my future children who can look up to me and see that their mum is able to be a healthy human. Who doesn’t want to have that kind of legacy? But all things in time. I’m hoping mine will start soon.

What are your goals for 2014, whether they be offline or online?

– Krys


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