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It’s talent

Last year I was constantly playing with the idea of opening a business. Lovingly as I am, I realized my dream would never be something I could achieve if I stay with Iz. No this isn’t one of those statements that says “I’m done”. However, I was watching a show yesterday on Animal Planet that almost made me want to break things off with Israel so I can start saving for my future “Dog House” a.k.a.

Too Cute!



Well, needless to say I won’t leave my boyfriend for a house full of really adorable puppies. Or cats. Nope.. well.. maybe. No. Anyway, over the holidays I went to Michaels and bought my first set of knitting needles. I was really excited because that meant I wouldn’t have to steal my mum’s anymore. Along with the needles I bought 2 skeins of this beautiful green wool by Lion Brand Yarn. Although I’m pretty clueless to what the heck I was doing, all I knew is I wanted to knit a scarf by the end of the week. So after 3-4 episodes of Criminal Minds and a couple of dropped stitches later I came out with this:

This is me modeling my finished product. I love it! It’s a little off and when I sewed the ends together I should’ve added a twist for details sake. But I really like it. Also mum told me that I was doing everything backwards. I’m a lefty! This seems to be an issue, well not really, since it was my own design, but if I was following a pattern it could mess things up.

Facebook status a few days after I finished my scarf

Mum was prepping some excess wool she had for storage and I found two skeins of roving wool and decided I’d try my hand at making things a little differently. To train my brain to do the opposite of what it’s used to. So far I’ve done two rows. That doesn’t include the casting on. But I think, so far, I’m doing pretty good. I’ll update later once I get further into the project.

All this added creativity tells me I want/should consider opening an Etsy Store. Anytime I think about it whether it’s baby clothes/accessories, simple knits that look awesome, I always wind up second-guessing myself. I always wind up asking myself whether I really have the “right stuff” to actually go through with it. ‘Cause once I start and “prayfully” become successful I can’t just quit because it became too demanding or people were losing interest. I found some great ideas that could get me started, but would I get my money back? How can I guarantee that it’d be something people would want?

The last few years people have become more interested in DIY product. The beautiful, handcrafted items that others labored and birthed for the world to enjoy. I don’t know if I got it to make things that would work well with at least a small percentage of online shoppers.

Are my thoughts futile? Should I just quit while I’m ahead. I’m always trying to think of a way to profit from my endeavours, it also gives me an excuse to keep going because it’s like for every one I sell, I clear up space for four more. Yup that’s my logic.

Do you have your own business, is it relatively successful? How many times did you doubt your abilities? Any tips? Do I have a chance? What do you sell?

– Krys


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