Project Postcard



I’ve realized that the website PostCrossing is only limited by who signs up. I’m hoping that perhaps by posting this request that more people will see it and perhaps even help me out a little bit!


Since last year I started this quest to receive a postcard from every African country, and I’m aware this is a difficult journey, but I’m okay with time-consuming projects šŸ™‚

So far, so good. I’ve received great feedback from others and I’m just waiting on a small amount of cards to come in.


The “now” is from where have I received my cards:



The “pending” is from where I am expecting cards:


I’m very excited about these gifts. However, there are some countries that aren’t participating with PostCrossing, and those are the ones IĀ need to talk to.


This is a tricky list, and is most likely to change as things go. But thus far here are the countries I cannot contact/communicate with for one reason or another:

Burkina Faso
Sierra Leone
South Sudan

What you are looking for

Here’s the thing, if you’re going on holiday, or even reside there, I’d love to receive a card from you! Just shoot me a message on my blog or send me an email (I think I have that posted somewhere) or on Twitter @TaintedVampyre. Can you help me, please? Yes, I am sounding a tad desperate, only because I am — a little.

What do I get in exchange

Well, funny you may ask such a question…

Oh My God! Look at all those amazing cards! And one of them could be yours! Seriously šŸ™‚ I have local photography pieces, funny pieces, some made of wood, some are so vintage you’ll never find them again! I’m just saying, I have some stored away somewhere, and you just have to say what your favorite color is and include an address and it’ll be yours as a thank you for your exchange.


You should be!

But you know what, even if you don’t live in some African country or maybe you do and are interested in sending me an awesome early birthday present *cough September 8th cough cough**, feel free to throw me an offer. Check out my PostCrossing account profile, it has all my favorited cards and my received cards from different countries. I’m not a fan of duplicates so don’t… just don’t šŸ™‚



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