Short Wrap-Up of 2014

Although, I’ve been rather busy, I thought many times to just shut down this blog and continue with my other projects: Black ‘n Write Reviews, work, school, life. For some unknown reason, I still haven’t done it. I’ve lost my lust for generic day-to-day blogging. I’ve been doing this for far too long (early teens) and the idea of blogging about my every day life just eventually wanted to rope itself around gossip, and obviously gossip is not good. I took out my “New Year’s Resolution” tab, and have adjusted “My Bucketlist” adding and deleting items that I felt were unfit to my personality.

I took a slight hiatus to “find myself” after Iz and I broke things off late last year, we’ve been slowly trying to rediscover ourselves and had eventually gotten back together. It has definitely been a lot better. We seem happier, I’m praying that it lasts. We no longer have a “honeymoon phase” like so many new couples will have, but it’s all very difficult because I still reside in Fort Mac while he’s here in Edmonton. So there’s no random plans that can be made to meet somewhere, or “our own separate corners” when we need space. If and when I’m visiting it’s at his place, which makes it difficult when we need to just breathe or focus on our stuff. I know some people might think “Why would two people who love each other need to be separated?” You clearly have no clue that people need to work on themselves just as much as the relationship they’re in.. the old adage ‘You can’t love somebody else until you’ve learned to love yourself”.

Happier note

This winter is the first where I’ve started investing in outdoor winter sporting equipment. I’ve started ski-boarding, but a lot of ski hills don’t stock them like they use to so I’ve had to start hunting down vendors to make it happen. First thing I bought was boots:

Source: Rakuten

I spent about an hour trying on different boots appropriated to my foot, which was decided based on how the salesclerk took my foot measurements and whatever result came out of the computer. It was fancy stuff. But I walked out with a good deal, I must say!

I bought my ski-boards (or otherwise known as snow blades) from a local vendor in Edmonton. Unfortunately they only had one style/design of blade which has a black base and flames along the top going down, I wasn’t happy with the design, but whatever – I was happy that I finally got my hands on all my equipment that I’d need.

I’ve hit the hills like three times since my Christmas vacations has begun and I’ve been super excited. The first day I fell multiple times. It hurt. I have bruises and I was so stiff, but it was all worth it. One thing I learned after taking to the hills: Mother Nature will remind you who you are once you get too confident. That’s when you fall. Now I’m not about to start doing tricks, but I’m getting a lot more comfortable.

Another note

I start school for my degree at Grant MacEwan University. I’m doing courses via distance while I’m working in Fort Mac. I’m getting my BA with a major in Political Science and a minor in Library Technology. Once I’ve finished a few courses done, I’ll be moving back to Edmonton to continue on-site classes. I’m excited to get this stuff started even if I don’t immediately start my Masters afterwards, at least I know I’ll be a step ahead of my plans.

That’s it for now. Toodle pip readers! I’ll be back whenever I get back.


– K


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