Bucketlist Item

Source: Don’t Get Bored in Calgary

One of my really close friends and I decided to start the new year right and donated blood. It’s super exciting, and honestly why not do it with your closest pal? Unfortunately my friend came down with a wicked “knock-me-out” sick which forced her to make the last minute decision to opt-out of this donating day. She will try again when I visit Edmonton in February during Teachers Convention.

I, on the other hand, went through with it.  It was interesting, I will admit I did lie to the RN (Registered Nurse) when she asked if I go breakfast that morning… I actually hadn’t eaten because I had intended to pick something up but forgot – whoops. After your blood gets sucked out you get a nice bowl of soup and a juice box and free cookies. I was okay with that 🙂

– K


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