About the Recipient


Please also consider this a disclaimer of all the information that is posted on “Project Postcard”.

All postcards were pictures I personally took, please feel free to use them since I only used a camera phone to take the picture of. They are postcards, I am not the creator, author, artist of the pictures, just photographer 😉

I started my account on Post Crossing August 15th, 2012 and have been excited since day one about receiving my first card from a complete stranger. Originally I was trying to come up with a “social project” and decided to start this blog and just soon after I found a great free interactive website where you can track, send and receive postcards. Best discovery ever!

So here I am sending you an invitation:

I’d love to receive postcards from everybody around the world!

And I’ve received a handful of cute cards from different parts of the world, but {hate to sound greedy} I want more!

You don’t even have to include a note or return address, but maybe consider your favorite quote or poem just to fill the space =)

** If you do include an address, consider this a swap and I will send you a postcard as a thank you 🙂 **

Please help me build an amazing collection of unique cards with possibly amazing things to be said.

** I like my postcards stamped and handwritten **

If you’re interested please send the postcard to this address:

It’s a Gift
340 Beaconhill Dr.
Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2R8

Happy Posting!

My Postcrossing.
If you’re interested in sending a postcard, take a look at my favorite postcards that I have found, but please feel free to send me anything!
I’ve started a postcard picture display on  Flickr, check it out! And I’ve also put together a set collection of the stamps that were included with the postcards and envelopes from the penpal letters I receive also on Flickr.

Want to know more about me? Check out my personal blog!


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