Becoming a Guest Poster

Hello to all my fellow bloggers. I have put this into much thought and decided I would love to start having guests on ‘Her Muses’.

If you’ve always wanted to give this a try, I’m willing to be your guinea pig, it’s

Love Note Requests on Juliet's Verona Italy

Love Note Requests on Juliet’s wall in Italy

a learning experience for the both of us. Every Wednesday I will feature a post written by anybody willing to submit.


There’s no monetary benefit, however this will potentially increase the traffic on your own blog! {Can’t get better than that, eh?}

Allowed Topics

Write about anything! As long as the topic or post is different and unique and cannot be found anywhere else on the web, or your blog, or my blog. I’m really flexible, really. But if you do reference something from one of your own posts or even another bloggers post, please include a link {or hyperlink if you’re using aΒ word processor software}

Recommended Post Length

I’m usually not very picky. But I think for your sake I’ll set my limit between 400 to 1500 words. I won’t accept less than 400 (unless it’s a haiku), but if you make a post more than 1500 I won’t argue.

Please! include an Author’s Bio at the end {or beginning} of the post, you may include a photo of yourself, it’s not necessary but we have to remain legit, non? Along with the post you will be sending me please include a link to your blog as well as your preferred pen-name that I may announce you to whom ever may read.

How to Send Guest Post

Once you have written your guest post and done with the proof reading work send it to my email at:

Once I have received your post, it will be published on my blog in the next one-week time if it meets all the conditions that I mentioned above.

Disclaimer: By submitting your post, you have given me permission to do some editing if I see fit, unless the orthographic errors are completely intentionally in that sense I will leave them alone.

Overall, there is no pressure or deadline for a submission. Whenever you’re ready, send me something and I will gladly accommodate your submission somewhere in ‘Her Muses’. Have fun πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Becoming a Guest Poster

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    • I will accept a submission anytime. As long as it’s not something you have already posted on your own blog… you may send a submission at any time to and I will review and post within a week of receiving. (Or at least I’ll try to check often)
      Thank you!

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