Hey everybody, so just a heads up! I’m going to be doing some back-end updating as well as some more visual changes with Her Muses. I realized that since I started writing back in 2010 (holy crap has it been 4 years already?) that I’ve developed in many different ways. I want Her Muses to be something … Continue reading



Has it been a week yet? It certainly feels like it. I left last Friday and I suppose that fact that it’s Thursday it’s pretty darn close. I’m not sure how I’m suppose to feel like. I’ve had a lot of inspiring words from friends, and it truly made me feel blessed that even though … Continue reading



No this is not a picture about <– these guys. Sorry. That’s OneDirection, right? I have no clue, not into that pop-culture stuff. But guess what I came to work to? Please? Guess? Did you at least try? I know somebody I work with loves me… don’t know why they would buy me this… Is … Continue reading