Happy New Year

Alas, my good friends, it is now 2K14 and what do we do when that happens? Well, we usually plan for something that most people ultimately fail at the end. Constantly playing that same game over, and over, and over again. The cycle is evil and hopefully this year I won’t fall into that rut … Continue reading


Birthday Wishes

I’m 24 today. I’m not too sure how I should feel about it. Today’s one of those days where I (think) I should be excited about it, but I guess because of the breakup I feel like it’s just another day. I do not like days like today. Makes things difficult. I saw him on … Continue reading



It’s what I want to do. It’s been one week of painful silence. Every step is very difficult but I purposely make an effort ┬ánot to destroy my progress. I had an mental conversation today between me and Iz’s parents. I was blaming them for how he destroyed the relationship. Is it so wrong that … Continue reading